Pickled leaves.
Pickled sirloin leaves in Mediterranean spices. Balsamic Vinegar. Parmesan

Farmer's salad.
Jaala mix. Hameiri cheese / white tahini

Beetroot Cappellacci.
Handmade pasta sachets. Beetroot cream and parmesan. Vermouth cream.

Octopus medallions.
Goat cheese. Potato leaves from the fire. Dill. Chili. Onion mix in sumac.

Fish Ceviche.
Scorched onions. Pistachio. Burnt eggplant cream and yoghurt. Caviar.

Zucchini patties.
Cashcaval cheese. Coated in panko. Goat yoghurt.

Crispy lettuce.
Crispy lettuce mix. Red basil. Mint. Blue cheese. Parmesan. Bruschetta focaccia. Fruit of the season. Citrus vinaigrette.

Sea bass and spaghetti Eli Oli.
Garlic. Olive oil. Lemon zest. Aromatic herbs. Parmesan.

Shrimps and baby artichoke.
Peeled and roasted Jumbo shrimps. Roasted artichoke. Chili. Baladi zaatar. Scorched onions. Dill. Grandma's Labaneh.

Fish Carpaccio.
Tomato seeds. Goat yoghurt. Hot pepper. Olive oil. Coriander. Lemon zest. Pomegranate coulis.


Three of your choice:

bread basket from stone oven. Vegetable platter. Dips.

Couscous salad
Cranberries. Herbs. Almonds.

Beirut Hummus
Chickpeas in paprika.

Roasted zucchini
Cucumbers. Burnt eggplant. Yoghurt- Tahini. Mint. 

A quarter of a cauliflower
Over an open fire. Tahini and almond matches. 

Black lentils
Goat cheese. Walnuts. Cranberries. Onions. Carrots.

Homemade tzatziki
Roasted green onion stalk.

Cherry tomatoes and sumac salad
purple onion. Spicy. Roasted almonds

Dutch yellow tail fish 
marinated in purple onions 

White tarama
Caviar spread.

Spicy eggplant
tomatoes. Garlic. Hot pepper. Mint.

Treats platter – all the sides



Fried Vietnamese seabream.
Corn flour coating. Wrapped in spices. Vietnamese salsa.

Guilt-head seabream filet.
Lemon butter. Moist cherry tomatoes. Spinach. Served on velvet mashed potatoes.

Tiger shrimps and baby artichoke.
Kalamata olives. Pasta leaves. Chili. Garlic. Lemon grass butter.

Saffron risotto.
Seafood/ fish. Butter. Chili. Scorched lemon. Parmesan

Seafood Senorita.
Pasta. Shrimps. Mussels. Calamari. Dried tomatoes. Garlic. Parmesan. (Olive oil / cream milk)

Grouper fish kebab.
Burghul salad and herbs. Goat cheese. Tahini.

Shrimps mix and fried calamari.
Panko coating. Mustard- honey aioli.

Whole seabass.
Chipotle butter. Cumin. On the grill.


Entrecote 350 grams / 550 grams.
Roasted potatoes. Homemade chimichurri.

Lamb ossobuco.
Slowly cooked Ossobuco on the bone. Sweet beef stock with plums, chestnuts, and cardamom. Served on velvet mashed potatoes.

Chicken Msachan.
pita bread from stone oven. Caramelized onions. Torn chicken steak. Sumac. Pine nut. Roasted almond. Parsley. Tahini.

Kebab baked in a tajin pot.
Beef and lamb kebab. Burnt eggplant. Tomatoes. Onion. White tahini. Wrapped in Lebanese white sesame pita bread.

Entrecote hamburger.
220 grams. Cheddar cheese. Brioche bun. Served with a coleslaw salad and potatoes.
(Optional toppings: mushrooms/ fried egg/ avocado/ goose delicacy)


Majadra stew.
Lebanese burghul stew. A mixture of Saudi spices. Crispy shallots. Black lentils. Served with tomato basket with garlic and hot pepper.

Vegan burger.
Vegan bun. Vegetables. Burnt pepper sauce. Roasted potatoes on the side.

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