Brunch - Jordanian Breakfast

Friday 09:00-13:00
Saturday 09:30-13:00

115 nis Per Person
Served with a cold and hot beverage

Center of the table

Bread basket baked in a stove oven
Fresh zaatar buns and jibneh cheese with Syrian spices. Goldman foccacia. whole grain African bread.

Syrian hummus
Egyptian chickpeas. Syrian broad bean. garlic. tomato. Hot Pepper.

Peasants salad
Diced tomatoes.garlic. Spicy green peppers.
Can be changed for a vegetable salad with Israeli seasoning | lettuce salad with citrus vinaigrette

Tulum cheese
cubes with green pepper jam (spicy)

with zaatar baladi

Pickled eggplants
Baby baladi eggplants. Filled with walnuts and garlic.

Halabi olive salad
Pitted Syrian olives. Carrot. Purple onion. Lemon.

Nigella tehini
with citrus honey.

Zaatar baladi
with sesame

Pure olive oil

Shanglish cheese
Shredded semi-hard Jordanian cheese.


Authentic Jordanian mfarakeh
Scrambled eggs with herbs. Fried mini potatoe cubes. Old fashion sour cream) chef’s recommendation)

Stove oven Jordanian pita. Chopped lamb meat. Secret spices. Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.

3 eggs of your choice
You can add: Herbs. Onions. Mushrooms. Bulgarian cheese (+5 nis ). Gauda cheese (+5 nis ) .Salmon (+9 nis ).

Halabi shakshuka
Tomatoes. Mint. Garlic. 2 eggs. You can add: spicy peppers. Bulgarian cheese. Sausages (+9 nis ).

Green shakshuka
Spinach. Leaks. Managold. Garlic. Chèvre cheese. Eggs

Charred brioche bread. Zucchini. Hollandaise sauce. Poached eggs. Salmon | goose delicacy.

Sweet Ending

Served with tea

ordanian baklava

Puff pastry. Jibneh cheese. Mistika. Rose water. Sweet syrup.

French toast
Classic French recipe. 3 charred and carmelized brioche triangles. Sour cream. Maple syrup. Fruit of the season.


58 nis

Goldman foccacia, Chopped Arabic salad – Dips: Cherry jam. Butter. Tuna. Cream cheese.
2 Eggs by choose from: Onion. Herbs. Mushrooms +5 nis.
Bulgarian cheese +6 nis. Yellow cheese +6 nis. Salmon +9 nis.

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