Monday to Thursday 10:30-12:00

Tomato shakshuka with ground caraway
Green shakshuka with chèvre cheese
Mediterranean Sficha – minced meat on piat bread and poached eggs
An addition of a home made sausage (spicy) or Bulgarian cheese
Omelet with a choice of one addition: fresh herbs / halumi cheese / bulgarian cheese / portobelo mushrooms / smoked salmon / goose delicacy
Benedict Eggs – poached eggs in fresh croissant with a choice of salmon or goose delicacy
Scarmbled eggs on a bed of tzaziki
Mediterranean salad
Plate of labneh yogurt
Breakfast is served with home made bread, carrot spread, spicy olives, butter, jam, brinsa cheese, tuna, labane cheese and a choice of a cold drink
French toast – highly recommended
Home made bread and appetizers without breakfast

Morning Cocktail
Passion at the yard

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